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Calories are a unit of energy, that which our body needs to function. They are provided mainly by fat but also from carbohydrates and proteins.
Any kind of food contains

calories but the amount can differ greatly. Since fat has

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sacrifice taste, but it’s very likely that many of your favorite foods and ingredients are actually low on calories. The world is a big place after all, and so is the food world.

Deciding upon a diet plan is not all about cutting on calories, choosing a low calorie diet plan can sometimes lead to lack of nutrition or low fiber intake. Your diet plan must be built for you, your body, your lifestyle and your preferences.

Check the calories in the packages when doing groceries or when eating outside whenever possible. Your body needs a certain amount of calories to function daily so you should at least intake the minimum, if you go far above it however, it will lead to weight gain and health complications. Just make sure not to restrain yourself in a way that will cut away on your nutrition. We are omnivore animals, which does not mean that we can live by eating any one thing repeatedly, it actually means that we need to eat from several groups of food.


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