Your lifestyle and your body are fairly dependent on each other, as your lifestyle can affect the state of the body and the body can limit what you can do on your every day life. But it’s much easier to work on your lifestyle to change the body, and through that, steadily improve your lifestyle than attempting to do the opposite. “We are what we eat” is a quote that has changed shape through the decades, but it has always held the same meaning, and will always remain true. Your body condition and resilience is heavily affected by what you eat. It must be varied, having the right amount of calories and meals properly spaced within the course of the day. Lack of proper nutrition can lead to health problems and a decrease of energy that will affect your work and daily life. It’s easy to think that by exercising we can dispose of anything bad that enters our body; but while that’s not completely untrue, eating certain foods without restraint can lead to issues that no amount of exercise can purge. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice things you wish to keep in your lifestyle, or follow a diet plan to the letter without exception, but always make sure you’re happy with your diet plan. If you’re in bad condition, please consult a dietitian and follow his or her instructions to the letter. The sooner your condition improves, the sooner your body will be in a state to handle a diet plan that is easier to cope with. A healthy body and a healthy diet leads to a healthy and happier life.