Personal training

exercise-86200Personal training consist of having a fitness professional assess and work on your strengths and weaknesses, also providing with the tools, methods and encouragement to reach your fitness goal. And we have a wonderful team of professionals to cater your every need.

There are many kinds of personal training to benefit from, ranging from individual training which is usually sought after by individuals with specific needs and goals but the most common is to take part in a personal training group, where you can work with a group of people as a team while being guided by a professional, it’s a lot of fun and motivational.
Among out fitness programs you can also find a new popular fitness trend, TRX (Total Body eXercise). It’s a training method in total body suspension that can be a lot of fun.

For a lighter and more relaxing method of working your body you can take part of our Yoga classes and improve your flexibility and sense of well being. If you’d like to try a very fun way to exercise that doesn’t even feel like exercising try our Zumba with us. Our fitness programs are as flexible as our yoga instructors.